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BUCS Disability Information

We're working with our onsite 'Choices 4 All' to make this event as inclusive as possible. Bradford has been pioneering disability sport, with the main aim to become the 'Home of Inclusive Sport'. 

The competition is open to both university students and the general public. 

No participant will need to be classified before the event as all categories are open.

There are two separate category groupings for competition with all classes been separated into Male & Female event’s. There must be a minimum of 2 entries in each category to allow for races to take place..


All races will be competed over a total distance of 1,000m.


BUCS Classes:

• LTA-PD (Legs Trunk Arms – Physical Disability)

• LTA-VI (Legs Trunk Arms – Visual Impairment) 

• TA (Trunk Arms)

• AS (Arms Shoulder)


Please note: That BUCS Classes can be entered by the general public but will not be counted towards BUCS points.


Rowability Classes:

• RSS-PD (Rowability Sliding Seat – Physical Disability) 

• RSS-LD (Rowability Sliding Seat – Learning Disability)

• RFS (Rowability Fixed Seat)

• RUS (Rowability Upright Seat)


Please note: That a classified British Rowing para-rower can race in all of the above groupings, but a classified rowability rower cannot race in any BUCS classes.

Any questions - get in touch


Best of luck!